1.5ct Oval Old Mine Cut in 18ct yellow gold

“Hattie made a daunting process feel very enjoyable, all whilst designing a ring which my partner loves. Thank you Hattie!” JOSEPH


I created this gorgeous ring with Joseph in secret, ready for his recent surprise proposal.

With her refined Scandi style, we felt that Holly would be perfectly paired with a solitaire with a difference. It had to be elegant and ‘minimalist’ but not dainty.  Joseph also loved the idea of sourcing an antique diamond. Together we selected this gorgeous 1.5ct Oval Old Mine Cut. Upon meeting the stone, he knew it was the one for his ONE. With its rose cut facets this diamond has a pretty and gentle look, with the open oval shape lending a ‘wow factor’, creating an eye catching solitaire. 

I designed a minimalist open bezel setting for the stone, which holds the diamond securely in place, whilst allowing a generous amount of light to pass through the gem, with a bold gold tarpeing band. Creating a showstopping minimalist design that is 100% Holly.


1.5ct Oval Old Mine Cut in 18ct yellow gold