A bold pendant featuring custom cut aquamarines, using the diamonds from the client’s heirloom ring 

“I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love my necklace. I feel so connected to Granny whenever I put it on. I can’t wait for our next collaboration” ELLIE


This pendant is the 2nd remodelling story to Ellie’s heirloom diamond halo ring; I used the central cushion cut stone to create her modern diamond halo ring. Incorporated within this pendant are the 12 round old cuts that made up the original halo of her heirloom. 6 of these decorate the chain, with five included in the pendant and one on the bail.

We custom cut oval aquamarines into kite cuts which gave the geometry and balance we were looking to create, as well as matching the aqua in Ellie’s HRJ engagement ring, which is also her birthstone. The initials of Ellie’s family are engraved into the back of the pendant.

This necklace is a deeply personal way to keep her granny close to her heart. Using elements of a ring so treasured by Ellie’s granny and linking them with Ellie’s own story, and the new generation of her family.


The pendant features 4 custom cut quamarine kites measuring 7 x 5 x 2mm (2.4cts), flush set, combined with five of the client’s own diamonds bezel in a round 18k disc set into platinum, with a further 7 of the client’s old cut diamonds bezel set in platinum decorating the chain and the bail