A 3.15ct Asscher cut diamond with round yellow sapphires front and back set in 18ct SMO yellow gold

“I’m totally in love and can’t believe how amazing it is!!! So privileged to work with you and get a ring that actually feels like me.”  LAURA


Laura and Phillippa approached me to create a ring that was 100% Laura. It had to feel genderless, angular, tailored and considered. Something simple yet bold. ⁠

Traceability and sustainability were important to them both, so we used a lab grown diamond and Single Mine Origin gold. ⁠

A 3.15ct Asscher is surrounded by an angular bezel, with the gold tapering down from the setting to reveal arches of round yellow sapphires on the front and back of the band. ⁠

A showstopping yet simple design, perfectly tailored to Laura, celebrating their union.⁠


3.15ct Asscher lab grown diamond, round yellow sapphires in 18ct carat Single Mine Origin yellow gold